Dani Fuchs

This is a hard one. Working on it.

My tools

I love to be creative with a variety of tools. Share Jesus with not just only one way.
Life is meant to be enjoyed, fully used and cherished. Find out my platforms of life.

DeWalt & Co

“A Man needs tools!” was my statement, which changed the course of my life quite a bit. With Power tools we change the world, he said. Compassion was made.

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The Camera, an open door into somebodies heart. Graphic Design, an art of Expression and constant dependance on the most creative mind. I love Technology.

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Quite Ironic, a kid who stuttered so hard is now speaking about the healer himself. I am still stunned about the Words God puts in my mouth sometimes. And I need it.

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All about Projects

Building a house is as equal as building somebodies life, nurturing somebodies dreams and letting them bloom.
The craziest privilege to be partaking in this. And it all started through a simple wish. “A Man needs Tools!”,
was my bold statement 4 years ago.

The 100% Promise

When you fundraise or donate, every penny goes directly into the house building projects. Wonderful private donors are covering my operations cost so that 100% of your money will be saving somebodies life.

Track the Project

I love the fact that it is made possible for you, to track every project which is in planing, in process or already completed. Its made possible through Google maps and GPS. And I am honored to share it with you.

Still Questions?

Every now and then questions appear on surface which I thought I answer a little broader. And If your mind still bothers something after, an email is not far out.

YWAM short for “Youth With A Mission” is a Christian Missions Organisation based in almost every country. We focus on short term Missionstrips which are Christian faith based as well as humanitarian Aid Work.
We also have a University available in which everybody is able to graduate in a variety of courses. To study you need a entry level course (DTS) which is a 6 months bible school. Find out more about YWAM and its values here.
I love to be with People, explore new cultures and share what Jesus did in my life so far. Not only do I have no problem with going into places not everybody would go, but I love it. It does take some courage but I love what I do to bring the Best News to the ends of the Earth. And somebody has to go.
If you are interested why I started building houses, I’ve provided a page for you here.
Thats the Question of the Universe. All I know is, that I am in Love with being obedient to what God is calling me to do. So far I know, that he never failed to let me know in due time about his next step for my life.
I could see myself being in Full-time Missions for longer but who does know his future.

Every Staff working with YWAM does not receive a salary. I do depend on support from family and friends to keep me going and pay the normal expanses and I am incredibly grateful for the support of a handful faithful people. If you would like to start supporting me and my work, I provided a button below for you. Simply click here. Thank you so much.
There are a variety of ways you can be part of this journey.
First of, I really appreciate that you take the time and pray for me.
Second, non of our YWAM staff gets paid, neither do I. So Financially you could join in this great adventure as well.
And third, If you would love to help, there are always expanses like flight tickets, Rent or basic needs like equipment maintenance and so on.
Donate here.

The 100% Promise

Since I promise to keep 100% of all Donations made to Projects, I am incredibly grateful for Supporters who help me keep going personally. Find out more about the 100% Model or Stand behind me with me work.