The Power of the Word

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles,
but to irrigate deserts.

– C. S. Lewis

The Experience

I had the honor to speak in all kinds of Events.
Anything from Youth Groups, Small Groups, Bible Studies
to bigger Youth Meetings to regular Church Services.
I am just in love with sharing Gods heart in the most alive way possible through practical stories and experiences always combined with ways and tips how to adapt it into the daily life.

Here some I love

Through practical stories and explanations I am eager to not just share lessons I’ve learned walking with God,
but also Tips and Tricks to over come and succeed in life. One of my key desires is it,
to not send them away with guilt in their bones but hope and courage, anxiety and passion for Jesus to overcome obstacles.
I am also passionate about inspiring people to go deeper, further and more radical with God then they’ve ever done.
Jesus calls us to Live, not survive.

Yes, God can speak and in fact, he spoke to us throughout our entire life. So how come we don’t hear him then. Or is it our translation whats lacking?
Through practical examples of my life and through a look into the Book of life I will take you on this discovery how God communicates, when and where he talks and why we sometimes have a hard time.
How is it, that only the people who are wild and crazy, who merge into the deepest wilderness of a desert get to share amazing testimonies of Gods fullness and miracles? Or is it? Should it be that way?
Together explore the Radical Normality of God, who is so much more present in our world than we think. The Question is, do we want to explore God and his never failing plans?
Maybe “Our Radical” is “God’s Standard”.
To fall deeply in love with Jesus daily is our only main Goal in life and together will will go an this adventure in discovering, that our #1 purpose is as radical followers of christ, to be Gods son/daughter. Let me take you on this road of discovering who God is and what he always intended you to be, why it is so worth loving Jesus with our whole heart, mind and soul and how we can practice this love on a day to day basis.
How do I do this?… Talk to my friends about Jesus? How uncool. And no way I would share with strangers.
Don’t get fooled. Its easier than you think. Together we go on a exploration trip about this sharing Jesus thing. Where the root of all fear comes from and what it takes to be bold. We dig into the roots of the needed mindsets to change a culture and spread the love of God practically.
What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? And is it not enough to just hang in church with m buddies, sing a little worship and try to not have Sex before marriage?
Join me in finding out the differences between a Fan and a radical Follower of Christ. And how we can together apply this everyday into our normal lifestyle so that one day our radical becomes God’s Normal.
A Man without a dream is dead. Thats a quote from not only one wise man.
What is your Mission in Life? Whats your vision? Can you still dream?
I am in love with this topic, cause not only did God challenge us to dream big, he takes it further and says that he is the God of the Impossible. What does that even mean and how do we apply this practically is, what we will discover together.

Speaking Dates • 2017 •

  • June


    Christus Gemeinde Altdorf
    Ich berichte aus meinem Missionsbereich.


    Gottesdienst Rentweinsdorf
    Die Jugend von heute.


    Lobpreis-Event Neumarkt
    Im Gepäck, eine Message an die Jugend von heute.


    Sommerfest Altdorf
    Ich erzähle von den Abenteuern mit Gott.

  • July


    Jugendgottesdienst Rentweinsdorf
    Abenteuer im Alltag erleben.


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