Papua New Guinea • June/July

DEUTSCH Papua Neu Guinea, ein 8.2 Millionen Seelen Land mit über 600 Inseln und über 850 Sprachen, gelegen im Pazifischen Ozean in der nähe von Australien ist mit über 80% der Bevölkerung unerreicht, das unentdeckteste … Read More

Welcome to Germany • May 2017

Yes it does take courage. But when you have the strength to seek deep in your guts for that glimpse of courage, you will find it. Cherish it and turn it over to God. He … Read More

Far Beyond the Himalayas • April 2017

What a privilege I had. Igor, my closest friend in Kona, Brazilian to the core and the best cook. Despite the challenge, we shot some incredible scenery, which will be shown in our Magazine, encountered … Read More

The Himalayas • March 2017

And off I go. Once again heading into the great wild west of the Himalayas.
This time for 7 weeks going based on just another simple small voice in my head saying, “Go on as many treks as possible.”