The Story behind

  • I believe God placed the dream of serving people in Need, a long time ago inside of me.
    And this one perticular afternoon this dream replayed like a day dream right in from of my eyes.
    I remembered that my family and I went to a missions evening of an Organisation which flys anything from doctors to medical stuff into unreached areas. I also remember I was really anxious to go and we ran a little late that evening. So I was even more relieved finding out that he didn’t start his speach yet.
    I remember very I was intrigued by the idea of helping and serv- ing people with the most basic needs while sharing God uncon- ditional love. Clearly remembering swinging open the doors, I whispered to him: “God, I want to do what he does.”
  • I forgot all of that for over a decate. Until 2012 in the middle of Hawai’i this reality hit me hard.
    But it was still way to big to reach. Way to impossible. No way to accomplish. I constantly pushed it aside, until it resurfaced once again in early 2016 through a conversation, which ended up chal- lenging me to go for my dreams and believe in a God of the impossible.


First the Application needs to go through which includes the varification of legal documents
and a pre-test. Its also charged with a 10% downpayment.
The Health Test (FAA 2nd Class) will be the next step to complete.
The Time frame for this step is around 2 months.
Total Cost : 700$


In order to study at the Mauna Loa Helicopter Schhool I need a Student Visa (F1) combined with an I-20. That allows me to stay in Hawai’i to study without needing to leave the country.Time frame at around 2 months.
Total Cost : 1.000$


This part is the longest, most challenging but most exciting part. Through Theory and practical application and a personal teacher I will be able to get trained as quick as possible. Estimated Time frame is 12-18 months.
Total Cost : 75.000$


Through a variety of exams I am hoping to pass 4 Licenses. #1 The Private License #2 The Instrument #3 The Commercial #4 The Flight Instructor.

The Routes


My biggest goal with this license is to fly for missions.
Medical Evacuations as well as flying material, bibles, doctors and medical supplies.
The Dream to serve Organisations and People in Need is an ake as well as a calling in my heart.


Although the dream to fly in the missions field is the priority, I would definitly consider flying commeri- cal as well. With the Licenses acomplished I would be able to fly for companies as well as teach how to fly through the Flight Instructor License.

Q & A

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