THE CALL TO BE A Discover the Story behind
& the Vision ahead

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WATCH THE VISION to reach the most remote Keep going Watch video How God has been speaking since I was a young boy. THE STORY BEHIND Read the Story 80% ... how I will be part
of reaching these most remote People.
of the Country Papua New Guinea
lives still very remote.

Areas to Fly. Over Centuries Organizations already
saved lives all around the world.
These are the main areas I will be joining them in.
MEDICAL EVACUATION One of the most needed services to safe lives. Read more DISASTER RELIEF After devastating disasters giving practical help to rebuild. Read more
Areas to Fly. Over Centuries Organizations already
saved lives all around the world.
These are the main areas I will be joining them in.
EDUCATION Flying school Material into remote places enables children to walk into a brighter future. Read more BIBLE DISTRIBUTION Getting the spiritual input of the Gospel of Jesus to the most remote is the greatest need. Read more

En Route
for a windy Future
En Route Read the Details It will be quiet a Road ahead. To be exact about 1,5 Years of studying and flight training to reach 200 Hours.
This Route leads me to acquire 5 Licenses to fly for missions as well as commercial.
A Life committed to serve the most remote Check out my Flight School Adopt a Box Ask more Questions Join the Crew Making this Project very doable, I am partnering with a Fundraising Organization called "Adopt A Box" who split this staggering sum into bit size pieces.
Find out more, adopt one or more Boxes and be part of reaching the most remote people on earth through Aviation.
If you are simply not sure yet and have still more Questions, go ahead and ask them. I know its a complex Vision. Your Prayer is as of much importance. So feel invited to join the Team. You will receive frequent WhatsApp Messages to keep you posted. Team up in Prayer More ways Join the Crew to jump on Board

Paul "I have been privileged to work with Dani Fuchs for 9 years.
He has shown himself to be trustworthy, diligent and servant hearted.
I am honored to consider him a friend and co-worker."
Paul Childers, Campus Director University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii, USA
Craig "I am honored to call Dani Fuchs a friend. He is dedicated to whatever he undertakes and never gives up.
His contagious love for people brings joy and optimism to every situation. He demonstrates wise stewardship and a generous heart.
Dani is simply a good man!"
Craig Kline, Former Business Owner from Washington, USA
Kenneth From the first time we met him, Danny's passion for serving the underprivileged and his zeal for life were evident. It has been our privilege to have him work with us on Homes of Hope in Panama and Costa Rica over the last 8 years. Kenneth and Elena Orozco, Homes of Hope coordinators, Heredia Costa Rica. Greg Our friend Dani is truly a one-of-kind young man.
His loyalty, humor, energy, honesty, and willingness to serve others are traits not easily found in young individuals nowadays. As a man twice his age,
Dani inspires my family and I (and many others) to become better people.
Greg Murphy, President, Murphy Resources, Inc. Washington, USA
Georg I want to be a part of something where I could help fund or support
wether an organization or an individual to feel that I'm contributing towards something of value emotionally and or physically. I value his passion, his track record, his past works speak loudly.
He always has been 100% clear. I invite you to trust him.
George Joukador, Business man from Australia

Slide HELICOPTER MISSION The Step into Aviation to impact the Life
of the most remote.
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