Before it all begins

For all 5 Licenses I go for the school estimates between 12 and 18 Months.

Technically no I don't, but I try to, because once I start the school, I won't have time to work or fundraise much. Also you can not take to long breaks according to Visa regulations or I would loose my Student Visa (F1) Status.

During the Training

The school assigns you a personal teacher which will stick through out your entire Licenses to you.

A family loving enough offered to stay and study at their house during the time of my schooling. It is further uphill, so a little cooler, less noise and distraction. So, perfect environment.

In the Future

Yes I can fly tours for companies, workers to oil rigs, or hurdle cows together. But my main priority always was and so far is, to fly for full time missions.

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