Far Beyond the Himalayas • April 2017

It was a wild ride I have to say.
Sitting in my Seat 30G at 35,000 ft, reflecting on the
last 2 months. It went by so fast. Explain in 3 simple words ::

What a privilege I had. Igor, my closest friend in Kona, Brazilian to the core and the best cook.

After picking him up and preparing the last things such as “proper” gear, we headed towards the great mountain.
So peaceful, yet sometimes deceiving.
We encountered incredible People, ate tasty food and hiked for 15 days about 220km.

But reaching 16,700ft isn’t always a walk in the park.
And my friend Igor got a taste of that personally.
After starting day 12 at 3:00am he experienced major stomach pain at high altitude and it got worse.
Getting together with my coworker we analyzed the situation and God led, we made it, 17 hours later safe but very exhausted, to the next village.
We crossed the Pass of 5,106 meters with a 2 meter tall, 110kg light half dead Brazilian. (Full story to be told we asked)
We believe, after talking to some doctors we met on our journey, he had a combination of food poisoning and high altitude sickness which is a very dangerous scenario.
Amazing to say, God was all along right there, promising he never leaves nor forsakes us. And he was right.

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue
at the testing point.
C. S. Lewis

Despite the challenge, we shot some incredible scenery, which will be shown in our Magazine, encountered some of the most hospitable people and share an amazing story, which non of us will ever forget. Making memories isn’t always easy, but worth it.

We are hoping to release our magazine by October 2017 with some incredible life portraits of people, who, to our hope will inspire you and spark a desire in you, to live even more radical and in love with Jesus than ever before.