Panama • February 2017

Nothing is impossible

Still stunned at the fact that these courageous young people from mostly Germany really managed to come all the way to Panama, sacrifice their time and money and just blowing me away in team unity I am once again humbled by the goodness and love God has for us.

The vision ::We ain’t going for just one house to Panama.
With 24,000$’ tons of gifts and a plane full of willing hearts, they arrived.
We built in 2 weeks 2 houses for 2 wonderful families who now can build up their lives again.

Voices throughout the entire team mingle of the privilege of living in Germany. Full of social stability and luxury we all decided to be even more grateful for the things we have.

Keep the adventure in your hearts. Cherish it. Danny

Amazed and in awe I can just look back, knowing that every single one gave 100%. We did really enjoy our time with YWAM Nuevas culturas in Chepo, which did an incredible hospitality job.

All to say ::
I was incredibly honored leading this team.