The Himalayas • March 2017

May Update

Welcome back Home. These words still ring in my ears. Yet I am already in Germany for 45 full nights. Step right into the new adventure which lays ahead and this is what I tried. Joining an evangelistic Tent Conference is, where I shot for 10 days all kinds of media products. Continue to read. Click the button.

May Update

The Trek of Bert

And off I go. Once again heading into the great wild west of the Himalayas.
This time for 7 weeks going based on just another simple small voice in my head saying, “Go on as many treks as possible.”

Bert, a big blond german warrior decided despite his major hip problems to join me in the battle for the good news. And boy I am so honored he took the risk.
Off we went, us 4, incl. our Translator with only one vision in heart, share the unconditional love of Jesus with as many people as possible.

282 bibles later we are sitting in the 14 hour night bus back from the mountain villages. Full of the revelation, that Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the life. And with weary hearts we have to except, that nobody comes to the father than through him.

Dad, would you water the seeds now and let them have an true encounter with the living God.Danny

Pictures are coming!