Diversity is pure Excitement • July 2017

July, the month full of different adventures. Great pleasure always fills my heart when we get in the car to head on Sundays to the parking lots on the highway. A6 is usually the spot where we distribute little square books to the truck drivers who patiently wait for 10pm so that they can get back on the road. “The Bible sir. It changed our lives. give it a chance.” We try to yell in all kinds of different languages. Loving it.
Still running into the Driver school with only one goal in mind. Get my license as fast as possible. For some reason God placed a monster great excitement into my heart about driving anything with a motor. Loving it and this time I will get it.
Favorite part of July was definitely the shooting of the wedding of very dear friends of mine. The Link below will lead you to their portfolio which was for me a great honor. Packed with all gear I ever had I started of with my own values of what I think, a wedding shoot should look like. And man, did I have fun.
And soooo cool to be part of my older brothers wedding. How cool to hang with him and his family. Enjoy great company of people which I barely met.
All in all a wonderful month full pure excitement which only God can give and being inspired by this great love, I am looking forward to the next month.
The Wedding Portfolio

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