The Month of Words • June 2017

The train rattles and I am staring out the window. The love of God overwhelms me sometimes. Still frustrated with stuff in my life that I want to change so deeply, I have to admit the privilege of grasping the beauty of Jesus.
Although my last four weeks mostly consisted of speaking at churches about the goodness of God and the tips and tricks how to share him in real life, Myself too, am in great need of spending Jesus time. The most valuable currency ever.

Statements like “Don’t be a goat” or “Create general Confusion” are still work in me even The talks are over.
And yet building the bridge to the western world through attending at bachelor parties doing social media or hosting those workshops I do have to emphasize the great privilege of knowing who and how God is and how to theoretically apply him in daily life.
Still driven by the urgency and revelation of people being lost we still go out, portraying people with excellent print quality and the aim to start a Jesus talk. Non evangelistic, non convertive.
I am trying to be obedient so I walk, step by step into the destiny, God, my greatest treasure, the diamond of my heart, has for me. Be encouraged.

God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.Billy Graham

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