Welcome to Germany • May 2017

Welcome back Home.
These words still ring in my ears. Yet I am already in Germany for 45 full nights.
Step right into the new adventure which lays ahead and this is what I tried.
Joining an evangelistic Tent Conference is, where I shot for 10 days all kinds of media products. From still frames to Videos, incl. editing, co partnering with the world wide web to share Gods words was a privilege for me. And I loved it.
Speaking of which I have to mention my hero of the month. Fred, the tent manager, a soft, gentle heart, full of joy and kindness is the man, I got so quick familiar with, whose mission it is to help churches like us to reach people. Not seeing his family for weeks in a row, I bow my knee to say Thank you.

The BibleStudy
Starting a bible study with the focus of learning how to daily apply sharing the gospel is another astonishing thing I got to be a part of.

My 50mm portrait lens locked in and my new portable printer in hand, we headed a couple of times into the city. Shooting portraits of random strangers, sharing with them not just about JESUS but even giving away bibles is, what we had the opportunity the last view weeks as well.
Absolutely amazing, yet so easy.

Yes it does take courage. But when you have the strength to seek deep in your guts for that glimpse of courage, you will find it. Cherish it and turn it over to God. He certainly creates amazing things out of it.

The Hosts
Getting hosted by my amazing friends who so kindly opened their new home to me so I can have a bed to rest my head on is an honor and I love spending time with them.

The Wedding Marathon
And last but not least the Wedding Marathon of this year started in which my younger brother leads the race. A privilege shooting his wedding. Pictures are available under the “Media” Button.

Desperate for more Adventure and daily life with Jesus, the true courage giver.
And with the wise words, Nelson Mandela once described, I wave.

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more Hills to climb.”Nelson Mandela

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